Italian Food Delivery Markham

Bellafornia Restaurant and Bar offers Italian food delivery in Markham. Best of all you can order from our menu online.  Everything there is authentically Italian, homemade and fresh. You can order right from our website for home or office delivery.

Look through the entrées but don’t forget to order a hot drink from that part of our menu. We offer a wide selection including fresh brewed coffee, Cappuccino and Café mocha. Choose from hot chocolate and Espresso as well as a variety of teas.

World-Renowned Cuisine

Taking advantage of our delivery services means you get to choose from world-renowned cuisine and have it delivered. Everything that we serve is made fresh from organic produce and local ingredients. Our promise to you is that regardless of what you order, each dish has a difference you can taste.

Choose from trendy options like flatbreads or our famous pizza. We guarantee that everything will be delivered fresh and delicious.

Italian Food Delivery in Markham That Includes Desserts

Desserts are an important part of an excellent meal. That’s why we’ve included them with our delivery services. Choose from chocolate fudge cake or cherry cheesecake. Either one is an excellent addition to a delicious meal.

The dessert choices that you can have delivered also include cannolis and muffins.

Traditional Italian Entrées

Your options also comprise a selection of traditional Italian entrées. These include delicious spaghetti and meatballs that’s great for any sized gathering. The meatballs are homemade. The spaghetti pasta and tomato sauce is fresh. This food is served with fresh basil and homemade chili sauce.

We also offer some customizations so you can make this entree exactly the way you want it. These include 4 ounces of chicken or 6 ounces of shrimp. There is also the option to add bacon and bruschetta, garlic bread or flatbread.

There’s an excellent variety of other items that you can have delivered to your home or office. They include a sumptuous Ala Bolognese. The ingredients here include homemade beef tomato basil sauce and fresh spaghetti noodle. This meal is served with Focaccia Bread and Parmigiano.

Other Delicious Delivery Items

Linguine Pescatore is another big favorite with our delivery customers. It’s no wonder when you consider this one includes fresh black tiger shrimp and scallops. Baby clams and squid as well as PEI mussels round out the delicious ingredients that come with this item . Choose from white wine sauce or tomato sauce when adding this to your Italian food delivery in Markham order.