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Best Pizza In Markham

We are proud to indulge our clients with the best pizza in Markham that includes local ingredients and fresh dough. Gluten-free and vegan options are always available. Bellafornia Restaurant and Bar  is proud to offer some traditional choices like pepperoni pizza.

You can order gluten-free and additional toppings with this item. Grilled eggplant, green olives and green peppers are just three of the options that you have. We’ve gone out of our way to give you a wide variety of choices that include grilled zucchini and anchovies.

House Dips

Please take a few minutes to look through the house dips. The sweet chili and creamy garlic options make any pizza choice an even more wonderful experience.

Take a few minutes to look through the gallery on our website. You’ll see the difference that quality ingredients and a dedication to culinary perfection make.

The Best Pizza In Markham Includes Additional Toppings

One of the other big favorites from our pizza menu is the Italian sausage item. The the spicy Italian sausage is sliced and garnished with roasted red peppers before being sautéed in rapini. You can choose from additional toppings with this menu item that include Cacciatore Sausage and Soppressata.

Of course we have added a meat lover’s pizza to the menu. You can bring out the flavor of the ground beef, ham and bacon in this one by adding cherry tomatoes and grilled eggplant. Booking a table is easy using the convenient tab on our website. Bellafornia Restaurant and Bar also offers take-out and delivery as well as curbside pickup. You will also find a telephone number and our business hours on the website. Don’t forget to follow us on social media.

Pizza Menu

There is an excellent array of different options in our pizza menu. You will see caramelized onion and ground beef as the two big ingredients in our Gorgonzola Pizza. We like to suggest that you choose one of the house dips to complement that pizza choice. Chipotle pepper spicy and roasted red pepper are two of the most popular additions.

Take a few minutes to look through these menu selections and you’ll find something for every taste bud. There’s even a selection of different white pizza choices that offers a wide variety of delicious items. Hungry for the best pizza in Markham? Please take a few minutes to look through what we have to offer.